Eyedius is a completely local high-technology software which makes safer any area in which it is implemented. Working in integration with existing cameras, Eyedius watches over the setting 24/7 for its user using the developed technologies of artificial intelligence and image analysis, and sends warning notifications to a computer or mobile phone in case of danger, taking into account potential scenarios specified by the user.

Thanks to its smart warnings, Eyedius eliminates security flaws originating from the human factor by instantly evaluating many potential scenarios, thus provides 24/7 and 360° security to its user.


  • EYE’C, is a high-technology product which detects humans in a selected area and instantly gives warning to the user in order to make safer and more controlled the spaces specified by the user.
  • EYE’C + ; is the smart security assistant which not only watches designated spaces for security scenarios specified by the user, but also detects and gives warning based on time. Furthermore, it can generate smart warnings by detecting vehicles, bags and animals; in addition to humans.

Boundary Control

It generates real-time warnings for the user should it detect a person on actual or virtual boundary walls specified by the user.

Area Control

It generates real-time warnings for the user should any people be detected in controlled areas. (Safe-deposit, server room etc...)

Vehicle Control

It generates real-time warnings for the user should a vehicle be detected in areas restricted to vehicles.

Time Interval Control

It notifies the user with real-time warnings only in the time interval specified by the user; e.g. “human identification in the area from 6 pm to 8 am”.

Time-Based Control

It notifies the user with real-time warnings when a person is detected to have stayed still for longer than a certain period of time or if a bag stays in the same spot for a long while in controlled areas.

Crowd Control

It notifies with real-time warnings when a certain number of people — to be specified by the user — is detected.

Special Area Design

It produces scenarios in conditions suitable to users’ needs by adapting to the location of the cameras and allowing the formation of areas shaped specially to the angle of vision.

Unaccompanied Person Control

It notifies the user with instant warnings if a child or elderly family member is unaccompanied in specified areas (e.g. beside or in the pool).

User-Specific Scenarios

It notifies the user with real-time warnings in case of danger by creating different scenarios for each camera in the setting; e.g. different scenarios for the office’s entrance and for office rooms.


  • EYE’M, is a mobile application which enables entry-exit control without any additional equipment and cost, using the Eyedius facial recognition technology in smart mobile devices. The mobile phone uses the GPS and camera features of tablets to check the identity and location of users at high speed and accuracy, keeps record of when they entered the area and generates special warnings.
  • EYE’M+; is a mobile facial recognition application which operates completely with the mobile application and offers unique control for team and facility visits. Offering much greater accuracy than turnstiles or main entrances, which implement passage solutions with applications such as card reader, fingerprint scanner or Bluetooth; it provides highly smart and safe passage control service.

Time and/or Location-Based Control

Users can perform person, location and time-based control by requesting facial recognition from staff at certain time intervals through the Eyedius application installed in their smart mobile devices.

Device User Control

If you cannot access your smart device or believe it has been stolen, you can verify the face of the person using the device with the click of a button in the Eyedius interface.

Smart Turnstile

Users can swiftly and much more safely pass through places such as turnstiles / doors by showing their face to a phone / tablet containing the EYE'M+ mobile application upon arriving in the area, eliminating the need for card-reader or fingerprint sensor systems. A person can be authorized for multiple locations with EYE'M+.

Visitor Module

People who wish to pass through as a one-time visitor can do so by using EYE'M-installed tablets situated in the reception and turnstile areas.

Virtual Passageway

This allows users to work on their mobile phone or tablet, and enter mobile applications used in sectors such as banking and hospitality via the facial recognition system.

Advanced Reporting

It delivers all work performance data much more efficiently and accurately than other PDKS systems in the defined locations of your teams.



Selection of cameras to make smarter and preferred Eyedius features.

Installation of “Eyedius” on computer or

Connection of Eyedius-installed computer to the camera system.

Selection of areas within the system where security is to be rendered smart with Eyedius; definition of additional scenarios, if any.

Transmission of smart warnings to computers and smartphones in case of need, with the aim of Warning and Informing.

Assurance of your security 24/7.



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