• EYEDIUS began operations in a period when “smart” devices make our lives easier. Our purpose was to combine this ease with “security”, one of the most fundamental human needs.
  • With this purpose and as a result of R&D operations beginning in 2013, we created a high-technology software which could see just like the human eye and interpret what it sees.
  • We registered our software, which brings a new point of view to security technologies, with the brand name EYEDIUS, meaning “a smart eye protecting you” and forming of the English word “eye” and the Latin word “dius” — which means “to protect”.
  • The advanced security technologies developed by ourselves are not only used in living spaces such as building complexes and residence, but also in various workspaces such as offices, hotels and business centers. They provide 360-degree security in all aspects of life.
  • Making use of artificial intelligence and image interpretation technology, our warning systems is developed with the “always better” approach by our academic consultants and software developers who are experts in the field.
  • For a safer life both today and in the future, we continue to look after your security with a smart eye, using all our power, skill and creativity.