As a firm, we at Eyedius embrace the business model in which our image interpretation solutions reach end users with you, our cooperation partners, and establish our business upon this vision. Each new strategic partnership offers new opportunities and creative platforms for future solutions. Aware of such dynamics, Eyedius operates in harmony with solution partners who are globally acknowledged in terms of quality approach, are trustworthy and are innovative. In this way, the firm strengthens its professional experience and constantly renews itself by creating the targeted synergy.



Joint Sales Program

The Eyedius “Distributor Partner Program”, which offers above-industry-standard security solutions based on your fields of profitability and competition, was designed for you to grow your business with our award-winning products.


  • The partner is obliged to carry out the whole process of managing, from the first contact to after sales services, with its own team according to process and documentary provided by Eyedius and to report to the partner representative strategically.
  • Eyedius provides a comprehensive full-day training and application seminar to the partner on both promotive content, and the demo and software installation steps.
  • Eyedius provides any content, image and promotion material that may be needed by partners concerning these modules on a digital platform.
  • The partner tries to solve the technical problems of its client by primarily taking the «Eyedius Partner Handbook» guide provided by Eyedius as reference. Eyedius provides special technical support if it can not be solved by the methods in the manual.
  • In Joint Sales Program, both partner groups are expected to identify the sectors of focus that they will target in their sales. Focused sectors are designed for partners to earn extra commission.
  • The Distributor Partner informs Eyedius about the number of client candidates reached and camera sales in Monthly Periods.
  • Eyedius holds the right to write down the clients to whom sales are made by the Partner or Partner’s Dealer as reference and use them in the presentations.


Technology Alliance Program

The Eyedius “Technology Alliance Program” was designed to enable complementing informatics solutions to work together, and generate smarter and more analytical data in solutions offered to the customer under one roof — other than those for security.


  • Technology Alliance Program is custom-planned depending on the current software, customer mass and goals of the Integrator partner.
  • Eyedius provides the Integrator Partner with its technology in the form of an externally managed, JSON-based software which runs on Windows 10 operating system and enables printing out. In other words, it works in “Infrastructure As A Service” model.
  • Although Technology Alliance Program is custom-designed together with the Integrator Partner, basic principles are made in accordance and compliance with the “General Principles of Partnership Programs”.
  • Eyedius provides a comprehensive full-day training and application seminar to the partner on both promotive content, and the demo and software installation steps. Later, it acts in concert with the partner by giving remote support when needed.




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