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Meet the Eyedius Smart Security Systems with artificial intelligence, which monitors your present security cameras 24/7 for you, analyzes what it sees and warns of risky situations before they happen!

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High-Tech is Now with You!

How about protecting your workplace from now on with the power of high technology? The high-tech solutions you see in movies and the defense industry so far, are now possible also for your workplace safety with Eyedius!

Learn What You Can Do With Artificial Intelligence

Eyedius Dotes Upon Both Your Money and Safety!

Eyedius provides you the security service you need, with prices starting from just 99 TRY per month, without any commitment, penalty or obligation. It is much more efficient and comfortable through its digitized technology and smart security service.

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The proportion of businesses lacking security cameras or computers is now less than 1%. If you are not in this zone yet, it means you are now already ready to protect your workplace through Eyedius’ superior security system. As Eyedius runs on the computer you currently use, analyzes the existing security cameras and shares images with the smartphone you defined and gives a call when necessary.

Compatible with All Cameras

Thanks to the smart device discovery wizard in the Eyedius System, you can easily add your camera by simply entering the brand/model, address and password.

Discover the Artificial Intelligence Difference

Eyedius cares only for your security. Thanks to its technological skills, it offers much more than movement-sensitive-only conventional systems.

End-to-End Safety Through Artificial Intelligence Technology 

It’s very high time that you meet the entirely Digital, Artificial Intelligence-Based and High-Tech “Eyedius Smart Security System”! Contact us for a “14 Days Free Trial”!


    You can access the content we have prepared on artificial intelligence technology and security through our blog page.

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