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We will continue to look after your security with all our energy, strength, and creativity!

In this era when smart devices and artificial intelligence are extremely involved in our lives, there is something quite significant that we are very keen on: Your Security

While thinking about your security, we set out to bring a brand-new perspective to security technologies as well. As a result of our R&D studies supported by TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey), we have created a high-tech software that is fully realized by our domestic team, that sees what it is looking at and can make sense of what it sees, just like the way the human eye does.

We combined the word “eye” with the word “dius” which means “protect” in Latin and finally, the word EYEDIUS meaning “intelligent eye that protects you” emerged.


From the moment we set out with our own developed algorithms, our aim is to make every part of the world safe for everyone… While providing human-centered solutions for this purpose, we are at your side with the same enthusiasm all over the world, considering also your data security!

Your Data Security The Significant Value of Us

We care about your data as well as the security of your business. Your data is recorded on your own computer through our system that works completely “closed-circuit” with the computers and cameras within your business. Only your images in alarm status will be delivered to you as mobile notifications. Your alarm images and information that are being protected by cloud-based and three-layer protection are always safe with us.

Human-Centered Solutions,

Eyedius software prepared by our professional team performs a real-time data analysis through artificial intelligence and deep learning without using any open-source code. Our system, which has more than 12 million faces defined so far and has an accuracy rate of 99.82%, can be integrated with all kinds of equipment such as cameras, turnstiles, and barriers, independent of the brand.

We Are with You with the Same Excitement, All Over the World

Thanks to the cloud-based mobile application offered by Eyedius, you can safely use security solutions everywhere in the world. We have a system through which you can reach not only one, even a thousand users, and get service at any number of locations you wish with the same performance.

Team Eyedius

Meet the team that developed the Eyedius artificial intelligence!

Gökhan Talat Tuna

Chairman of the Board & CEO

Simay Danış

Board Member

Serdar Yılmaz

Board Member

Arda Aşkın

Board Member

Aslı Özden

Deputy General Manager

Göksel Özer

Turkey Sales Director

Eda Akkuş

Sales Portfolio Specialist

Ali Çakıcı

Software Engineer

Emre Yılmaz

Technical Support Responsible

Hasan Çalık

Technical Support Specialist

Funda Çetinkaya

Operations Support Specialist

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