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Co-Earning System

Eyedius opens new income doors to its business partners as well, with the unique value-added solutions it provides to its customers. No matter if you market an old generation alarm, do a camera selling or installation business, or be a trader; you can generate additional income continuously and increasingly, by offering the unique benefits of Eyedius to your customers.

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Easy-to-Introduce, Rapidly Applicable Solutions

Eyedius’ solutions are modular. It has been designed in accordance with the customer’s exact needs and manufactured with the highest technology. It does not require any upfront cost as it is applied to your existing camera and computer, so the customer can have a 14-day free trial. Thus, the customer not only sees how useful the system is but also quickly gets used to its use.

Sales and Technical Workshops

You have a comprehensive partner page where you can find everything you need, from training videos to our best sales presentations and technical specifications. Apart from this, face-to-face sessions of training and activities with business partners are periodically organized.

CRM specifically tailored for you and Portfolio Manager

Do you have a question? Your portfolio consultant, who is specially assigned to you, is always with you through the live chat method. You can ask your consultant about everything that comes into your mind regarding Eyedius solutions. In the weekly calendar, your consultant also provides you with a status report about your current opportunities.

Our Business Partnership Models


  • Continuous Revenue Share from Own Sales
  • Requirement: Using the Eyedius System in its own Commercial Business
  • Revenue Share from New Business Partners, to be invited into the partnership by own
  • Requirement: Experience and App Franchise Kit
  • Revenue Share from All Sales Made in Its Own Region
Eyedius Individual Sales
Eyedius Sale-Point
Eyedius Technology Center

Partnership Initiation Process


Our 3 different business partnership models are presented/introduced to you again in an online or face-to-face meeting environment. Whichever model is more suitable for you, more detailed information about that model is provided.


Business partnership applications having been made are examined in detail by Eyedius board of directors, depending on both compatibilities with other business partners and commercial mutual benefit criteria.


Eyedius prepares the selected partnership contract for the business partner candidate and sends to them. The contract is digitally scanned by the business partner with its own signature and sent back to Eyedius. It is signed in two copies at face-to-face meeting.


The business partner receives a half-day orientation training from the Eyedius office. This training is conducted at Eyedius office within 5 working days from the date of the agreement. (For partners having a tech center model, this training is scheduled for one week within the partner's Eyedius experience area)


The business partner, now ready for sale, enters the Eyedius system by filling out the opportunity form for the visits and interviews they have been making. For these opportunities entered into the system, Eyedius sales and technical support teams always assist the business partner as digital support.