Eyedius Premium monitors and interprets camera footage 24/7 on your behalf; detecting humans, vehicles, pets and suspicious objects while recognizing registered individuals thanks to its facial recognition technology.

Our Premium Solutions

Human - Object Detection

It generates real-time warnings for the user should it detect a person or object on actual or virtual boundary walls specified by the user.

Time Period Control

Eyedius Premium, notifies the user with real-time warnings only in the time interval specified by the user; e.g. “human identification in the area from 6 pm to 8 am”.

Duration Control

It notifies the user with real-time warnings when a person is detected to have stayed still for longer than a certain period of time or if a bag stays in the same spot for a long while in controlled areas.

Vehicle Control

Eyedius Premium, generates real-time warnings for the user should a vehicle be detected in areas restricted to vehicles.

Amount Control

Eyedius Premium notifies with real-time warnings when a certain number of people — to be specified by the user — is detected.

Unknown Person Control

For your entrance and exit zones, you can get real-time notifications in case if an unknown person based on your database is recognized

Unaccompanied Person Control

It notifies the user with instant warnings if a child or elderly family member is unaccompanied in specified areas (e.g. beside or in the pool).

User-Specific Scenarios

It notifies the user with real-time warnings in case of danger by creating different scenarios for each camera in the setting; e.g. different scenarios for the office’s entrance and for office rooms.

Minimum Camera and Computer Features

Why Eyedius Premium?



  • Carelessness caused by multi – tasking,
  • Operational blindness caused by continuously performing similar works,
  • Oversight, inattentiveness, forgetfulness due to intense / noisy or too quiet environment,

human error.

Measure the work performance of your site personnel and security staff, receive visual reports.

Periodical visual reports provide you with an automatic risk assessment score of the environment based on areal number of warnings received.



Instead of your personnel manually monitoring your camera footage one by one, ensure high efficiency as if you have dozens of employees! Minimize security and burglary risks!


Forget about old technology recording all day long. Save warnings generated only within the framework of scenarios you specify through smart recording. Ensure data efficiency and profit up to 95% in reducing unnecessary data.


Minimize false alarms, which correspond to 94% of all alarms caused by old technology, with our high technology solutions. Don’t let false alarms upset you, with Eyedius Premium you receive warnings and notifications only when necessary.

Modern and Comfortable


In case of an alarm, be informed with instant notification to your mobile device wherever you are; call the authorized people and take quick action with a single button.


Be at peace with advanced technology protecting a space in your absence as if you were there.


Don’t let your security be the same with single type alarm systems provided to all. With the scenarios you define specifically for your security needs, receive quickly performance notifications even in varying or intense environments.