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Perfect Security, Everywhere!

Eyedius Smart Security System provides your security without necessitating any upfront investment cost, through its superior capabilities such as alarm detection from human movements in the images, recognizing authorized persons, and early warning system. It continuously dotes upon your workplace.

Outdoor Security

Generate proactive, smart, secure alarms inside your cameras for people trying to break into your workplace.

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Through its early warning system, it detects and warns the malicious person even before they go inside.
It analyzes the camera images in each second, regardless of movement, and is not affected by outdoor conditions.
When a risky situation occurs outside while your alarm is active, an audible warning is produced at the scene over the camera, and a push notification is immediately sent to you.

Indoor Security

Generate instant alerts for the people in your business via the security system protecting you thanks to artificial intelligence technology!

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It visually shares only actually risky situations with you, through image analysis with artificial intelligence, instead of fallacious detections due to the old-generation alarm systems' motion-sensitive-only structure.
If nobody is detected by in-cameras while the alarm is off, reactivation of the system is reminded.
When a risky situation occurs, an audible warning is performed at the scene over the camera, and a push notification is instantly sent to you. Your online security assistant, Eyedius gives you a call to inform you of the incident.

Private Area Security

Make sure that only authorized people can enter areas such as the warehouse, accounting office, and director’s room, of which you attach particular importance to the security in your business; protect these areas 24/7.
(Works in conjunction with Outer or Inner Area)

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­čĹĄRecognizes Authorized Persons Through Face Authentication

­čööYour private ares are in safety 24/7 even when your alarm is off

Ôťů Deterring Unauthorized Persons Through Audio Warning

Your Privacy
Means a Lot to Us

Your images are processed only in our software on your computer, in a closed-circuit form. There is no privacy risk, such as live streaming of images to the cloud. No one, including the Eyedius staff, can get access to that computer unless you authorize someone in front of the PC.

Your Data is Safe As Well
with Eyedius

The snapshot or video of the red and orange level alarm notifications are shared only with you and the alarm monitoring center via our mobile application. You are the only one who can get access to all images, except the alarm state.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can find answers to all your questions about our entirely digital and artificial intelligence-based high-tech solutions on our ÔÇťSupport CenterÔÇŁ page.

    What sort of hardware do I need to use the Eyedius Smart Security System?

    Eyedius Smart Security System works with your present security camera, computer and mobile phone. You do not need any other hardware to run the solution. If you wish, you can also integrate the siren or speaker system you use, to generate siren or audible warnings at the scene, in case of an alarm.

    Is the present camera system I have adequate or do I need to buy a new camera?

    Since Eyedius Smart Security System receives images from the RTSP (Real-time stream protocol) band, it works as integrated with all brands, IP or Analog HD-type cameras in the market. It can operate almost flawlessly even with older analog-type cameras and in 640 x 480 resolution images. Most DVR devices have a channel structure that converts to RTSP. If you are sure that your cameras are placed in such a way that there is no blind spot in the environment, then you do not need to buy a new camera.

    How do I turn the alarm on/off?

    Eyedius Smart Security System is managed through your mobile phone as well as over your computer. When you approach the area where your cameras are located, you can turn the alarm on/off via the mobile application. People you have authorized to use the mobile application can also turn the alarm on/off. In this case, the alarm status information is push-notified to the administrative user.

    If I forget to turn on the alarm, can I turn it on/off remotely?

    Even if you forget to turn on the alarm when you leave your workplace, Eyedius Smart Security System reminds you to activate the alarm. Eyedius, capable of recognizing that you are not indoors, there is no one left, and the alarm is turned off, sends a notification to your mobile mobile phone. In this way, you can turn your alarm on or off even when you have left your workplace.

    Can I use the Eyedius Smart Security System on cameras facing the outdoors as well?

    One of the distinctive features of the Eyedius Intelligent Security System is that it can also work outdoors. In this way, you can prevent the risky situation by being informed in case of an attempt, not when a possible theft action occurs. It works through the existing cameras at risky points such as in front of the door, border walls, outside the glazed area, balconies, and terraces.

    Will the system work in case of a power shutdown or internet outage?

    A notification is sent to your mobile phone when there is no image from the cameras on your computer, your computer is broken, there is a possible internet outage or sabotage incidence.

    Is there a commitment mandate to use the Eyedius Smart Security System?

    Eyedius offers budget and user-friendly security solutions. You do not need to make a commitment to use the Eyedius Smart Security System. You can use the Eyedius Smart Security System whenever you want, without any restrictions such as commitment.

    Will I have to pay a cancellation fee if I stop using the Eyedius Smart Security System?

    No. You can terminate your use of Eyedius at any time, and you can restart your subscription at any time.

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